Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kristina and I went to Chicago for a weekend in early may, it was awesome!!! that's where I found that big silver bean-looking thing, I thought it was kind of cool, on the way back to Michigan from Chicago we stopped in Holland (Michigan) at this Dutch festival, it was pretty sweet, thats where I took that picture of my gorgeous fiancee by the blue door. I love that picture.


The Calaway's said...

Jeff!!! Wow you two have a blog too! I'm so excited!! We miss you & I need to get to know your cute wife! Well add us!

Craig and Sharelle said...

Hey Jeff! It's so crazy I found your blog. You were on my sister-in-law's sister's (aka McCall Waddoups Erickson's) blog list. Weird! Hopefully you still check this...for whenever you read this, hope you and Kristina are doing great. Look us up if you're ever in Orlando!

PS Gavin still talks about you guys! My favorite time was when I was saying something about how dirty our car was and he said, "Maybe Jeff can wash it!" Thanks again for that!